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Whats on your workdesk 219

on August 14, 2013

So what’s on my desk this week…



I honestly can’t believe I am actually brave enough to show this photo haha! But I will be brave and show that I don’t always keep my desk nice and tidy and organised. This mess is a result of me dumping everything on my desk last night so that I could go to bed. Before this a tonne of my craft stash was strewn across my bed. I’m have tidied up in between taking this photo and posting this.

There isn’t much interesting on the desk, a load of random paper, my cuttlebug in the right  hand corner, oh and buried under there somewhere are my three promarker cases and a shoe box of felt for something I’ve been making.

So that this post isn’t completely boring here is a new card that I made with one of the new stamps I bought on Saturday 🙂


Happy Wednesday everyone. Oh and if you have no clue what WOYWW is and have just stumbled across my blog randomly then pop over to Julia over at to find out what its all about. x


5 responses to “Whats on your workdesk 219

  1. cazzy says:

    Hi Rachel, Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting me! We are both brave this week then!

    Your chaos is not as chaotic as mine! I really love your card, that is such a cute stamp, and you made it up so beautifully.

    Cazzy x

  2. lirpastory says:

    Your card is adorable – who doesn’t love cute little raccoons? April #120

  3. IKE says:

    Eeeeeek !”!! LUV this. I have got that stamp but I haven’t used it yet. You’ve inspired me on now 😀

    Happy WOYWW
    IKE in Greece #99

  4. Kate Perry says:

    I used to work in the bedroom but have my own crafting space now so i don’t have your problem any more. that’s a real cute stamp you have used. I love the card. Kate x

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