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Whats on your workdesk 219

So what’s on my desk this week…



I honestly can’t believe I am actually brave enough to show this photo haha! But I will be brave and show that I don’t always keep my desk nice and tidy and organised. This mess is a result of me dumping everything on my desk last night so that I could go to bed. Before this a tonne of my craft stash was strewn across my bed. I’m have tidied up in between taking this photo and posting this.

There isn’t much interesting on the desk, a load of random paper, my cuttlebug in the right  hand corner, oh and buried under there somewhere are my three promarker cases and a shoe box of felt for something I’ve been making.

So that this post isn’t completely boring here is a new card that I made with one of the new stamps I bought on Saturday 🙂


Happy Wednesday everyone. Oh and if you have no clue what WOYWW is and have just stumbled across my blog randomly then pop over to Julia over at to find out what its all about. x


A great day out!

I still need to blog about my day trip to York but I haven’t gotten round to uploading the photos yet, silly me. I will do very soon though 😉

This post is about my day out yesterday. I was woken up by my dad at half eight in the morning with a “Rachael, do you want to come with us to Oswaldtwistle Mills?” Well how could I say no to that?! I shot out of bed, got ready, and headed out with my Mum, Dad, brother, and his fiancée/ my friend 🙂

I’ve wanted to go to Oswaldtwistle Mills for a long time because Dawn Bibby has a shop there. Or should I say had 😦 I did a quick google search and found out she had closed her shop in 2012!! Waaaa! All was not lost though because there is a Carole’s Craft shop there and it’s amazing! So much crafty goodness all in one room! I think I spent 99% of my time slowly browsing up and down the aisles haha!

After I had spent a small fortune in there (and had a nosey at some demos that were going on) I also found that they have “The Works” shop in there too! So I picked up some super cheap ribbon, card blanks, and paper flowers from there. Here is a photo of all my goodies 🙂

Crafty stash from Oswaldtwistle mill

I bought a tonne of square card blanks which I was running low on, some die cut shapes, some tiny bows which I already have a plan for, some more die cuts which the money for them went to a local hospice, oh and three amazing Christmas stamp sets. I am obsessed with Christmas cards at the moment so I can’t wait to use them.


I haven’t gotten to use any of them yet though, I am still recovering from my badly sprained ankle so after walking around yesterday I came home and fell asleep for a few hours. I then had work early this morning and am resting my ankle once again. I’m hoping to make a card after dinner or at least tomorrow daytime 🙂 x

Here is a card I made on Friday though, another Christmas one which isn’t a surprise ha!


Right it is dinner time for me so I am off to eat something yummy.  Night! x

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Its that time again! WOYWW 218

Its Wednesday and that means just one thing. Its whats on your work desk time! If you have no clue what I am talking about then go and check out Julia’s blog over at

So here is my desk today.



Its actually quite tidy because I had to sort out what was on there before making a new card. Its something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing, which is weird because I’m not usually a tidy person haha! On the left is my brand new paper trimmer. I’ve never really thought to get one before because I prefer to use a knife and metal ruler but it was a bargain and does four different things, cut, score, perforate, and wiggly line, so I am looking forward to trying it out. In the middle are some freebie digital stamps I printed out. Digital stamps are something new I’ve been trying out and I am loving them. There are billions of different ones out there and even better they don’t take up any room, they are just little files on my laptop. The card at the back is “Steam punk girl” digital stamp from Meljen designs.


Over on the right of my desk are my beloved Promarkers, I splashed out on another ten the other day. A lady on facebook was selling off some of her crafty stock and this included a bunch of promarkers, some used a tiny bit and the rest brand new! Who could resist that?! It did mean that I needed to order another marker wallet though so that’s on the way 🙂 I also printed out a blank promarker chart to help me keep track of which colours I have. There are sooo many colours I don’t have yet.



Something I haven’t mentioned yet on this blog is the other love of my life, my budgies. I have 23 budgies, yes I said twenty three! They aren’t all in the house though, I have an aviary, but five of my little guys (well four boys, one girl) share my room with me and entertain me with their singing, ranting, and tweeting whilst I craft. Their cage is just to the right of my desk 🙂



Oh and hopefully if I get at least a couple of visitors (fingers crossed) I wondered if any of you had suggestions of where I can buy some nice ribbon for my card making. U.K based please. I am running low on good colours and I’d like to just buy a tonne of different coloured ribbons for a non-crazy price.

So until next time…I hope you all have a great week x