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Whats on your workdesk….217

Its that time of the week again where us crafters get to have a good nosey around each others desks/ tables/ floors etc. Wherever we craft, create, and make a lovely mess of all our crafty supplies. Here is mine:


Its all a bit of a mess on my desk this week because I haven’t done much crafting lately due to spraining my ankle just over two weeks ago. I’ve been hobbling around and sitting at my desk has been a bit painful so its not until the past few days that I was able to make anything.

So on my desk you can see the beginnings of a Christmas card, a finished Christmas card is on top of the tram tin on the right. My PS2 is there as usual, I’ve yet to find a home for it. There are a few stamps on there, some stamped and partly coloured in images which I’m not sure what to do with them yet, and then there’s the usual random bits such as scissors, tape, card.

I’ve also been experimenting after seeing a lady on Create and Craft tv show how to stick good old tin foil onto card and then run it through a die cutting machine. I’m quite liking how they turn out so I just need to make them into a card 🙂 I’ve also been looking up other die cutting tutorials so I can make my cards more fun and inventive. I’ll be posting about how successful my experiments are in a day or two 🙂 Now I am off to have a tidy up and sort things out for tomorrow because I am off on a day trip to York in the morning! I can’t wait!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Lack of craftiness lately

I’m afraid I haven’t been doing much crafting this past couple of weeks. First my wrist flared up (I have osteoarthritis) so I had to take a complete break from anything that could irritate it. That sadly included card making. Then, after finally getting rid of the pain, I managed to fall over a brush handle in my aviary and spectacularly hurt my right ankle and foot. This was followed by a trip to the local hospital and four x-rays later I was told I had badly sprained my ankle and given crutches. Just over a week later and its still painful but getting better every day.

I wanted to join in with WOYWW this week but I haven’t been able to get a photo of my desk and I can’t face climbing up the stairs right now to take a photo and then come back down haha! I promise to join in again next week though. I did manage to make one card though, my first commissioned card! Its a birthday card for a ladies niece and I enjoyed making it. Its lovely to get paid for something I enjoy and I would love to do more of them, I just need to come up with a name for a facebook page and then I can hopefully get going. I can’t show the card on facebook just yet because her sister would see it but I can show it on here because they don’t know about my blog 😉


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What’s on your workdesk…

…Ermm Thursday haha! Okay so I am a day late but I do have an excuse. Its called work, I have to earn the pennies to fund my crafting addiction after all. So here is my desk:


On my desk there is my trusty Cuttlebug on the left, the pile of card (with the pink on top) is my new cardstock from Create and craft, I got the topsy turvy card, which is fantastic, and textured cardstock. There’s also the pieces for my Mum’s birthday card, my new Flexmarkers at the top, a couple of nestie dies, oh and on the right there are the results of the lasts weeks cardmaking. I have had a productive week 🙂




A close up of my main work area, which shows my Promarkers, K & co gems, and the bits of my Mum’s birthday card.

Here is the finished card, its my Mum’s birthday today and she said she really likes it 🙂





P.S: If you aren’t sure what I am talking about then head over to to find out more.