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Cards made from freebies

Afternoon! (or morning or evening depending on where you are reading from)

I’ve had a bit of a lazy day today and have been spending time with my budgies 🙂 I still managed to make two cards with the stamps and papers I got in a magazine yesterday (see previous post) I also have three more images stamped up waiting for me to make into cards. I’m on a roll!ImageIMG_3708

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What’s on your workdesk…number two

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂 Today is my day off so I spent some shopping time with my Mum and she decided to splash out on one of those new Actifry things. They’re like a fryer but you only use a spoonful of oil. Its plugged in and frying chips as I type so can’t wait to see how they turn out. I also picked up a copy of the new Quick Cards magazine because they have some adorable free stamps that I couldn’t resist. I bet you can’t guess what I will be using tomorrow 😉

Right now I am catching up on Emmerdale, eating fruit pastilles, putting new books on my Mums early birthday present, a Nook ereader, and typing this post. ALL at the same time! Proof that us ladies are great at multi tasking haha!

Anyway, its that time again 🙂 The day we get to nosey around each others crafting work spaces and see what they are up to. If you don’t know what I am talking about then head over to and read all about it.

My desk is actually quite tidy this week. I had a sort out so that I can play with some new stamps I got with a magazine so out came the ink pad, acrylic block and my lovely promarkers.IMG_3705

And a quick close up of two of the pretty Elizabeth Bell stamps…


Now I just need to make cards with them 🙂 Happy Wednesday everyone x




Is it worrying that I had the urge to make a Christmas card?! Ah well I did It anyway haha! Here it is:



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Its been an odd day

In fact its been an odd year so far but that would be too long a story to go into here. Trust me you’d fall asleep half way in. Anyway I am trying to focus on the good instead of the bad so here is a card that I made today 🙂 Its for my friends engagement, their party is on Friday night so I realised I had to get cracking on it. I made one for them before this but I’m not 100% happy with it so it needs further work. This one however is finished and I am very happy with it x




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WOYWW entry number one

Since coming back to the world of blogging I’ve been trying to track down my favourite crafting blogs from a few years ago. One of these blogs is and the great fun that is “What’s on your work desk Wednesday!”

I couldn’t resist entering this week, although that nearly didn’t happen with a rubbish morning, an afternoon spent continuing with my massive craft stash sort out, and then when I did remember I couldn’t find the camera cable *insert frustrated scream here* Anyway, I finally found it and managed to upload the photos to my laptop.

Its a bit chaotic on my desk this week because I am still trying to find homes for everything. My craft area is in my bedroom which means it was getting taken over by non craft things which is what I am determined to put a stop to. Without further ramblings here it is!


There are a lot of random bits and bats on there and the start of a fathers day card 🙂 Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Rachael x


The wonderful world of Pinterest

I’ve only recently discovered how fantastic Pinterest is. I joined a while back but never really bothered to look but now I spend hours searching through the crafting goodness and lusting after the gorgeous materials that people have used to make cards. I’ve even started pinning cards and techniques to a board I set up to inspire myself. The next thing I want to try is making amazing 3D flowers to add to my cards so that’s my plan for this week. Lots and lots of flowers lol! If only I can drag myself away from my laptop then I might actually get to make something, big procrastinating going on right now!


Now I haven’t any new cards to post but I do have a fun unicorn card work in progress and as soon as I can work out what to use to fill the space that’s annoying me then I can post a photograph. Anyway I am off to bed, its been a long but surprisingly good day 🙂


Rachael x

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My first new cards in a while

I lost my crafting mojo for a while. Quite a while in fact, and its suddenly come back with full force. I love making cards, I love rummaging through my masses of crafting goodies and letting inspiration take me wherever it likes. Here are a few cards I have made in the past few week 🙂 I hope you like them.







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Welcome to my Blog

I just wanted to say hello to anyone that may stumble across my blog. I’ve decided to start one to encourage myself with my crafting and to help inspire me by hopefully talking to other card makers out there. You’ll also have to put up with my ramblings about life, work, my gorgeous dogs and my mad budgies, all 24 of them. Yes twenty four! Its also a place for me to get out my feelings about my osteoarthritis, both good and bad days. So welcome to me! I hope that you will stick around 😉

Rachael x